EDF hydrogen project at Teeside; Thyssenkrupp selects Agfa’s ZIRFON technology

Tees Green Hydrogen will utilise locally produced green electricity to create the means to decarbonise local industry.

EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics (a subsidiary of EDF Group specialising in hydrogen) plans to invest significantly in their Teesside operation through building green hydrogen plant. .

The initiative was announced at Teesworks with British Steel Lackenby and PD Ports. It is the latest investment announcement for a green hydrogen production centre in the vicinity of the former Redcar steelworks.

Tees Green Hydrogen, will be a pioneering project, using the green electricity from nearby Teesside Offshore Wind Farm along with a new solar farm, which EDF Renewables UK intends to construct near Redcar, to power its hydrogen electrolyser. The project will supply local business customers with hydrogen to support decarbonisation efforts and a significant reduction in industrial pollution.

In its initial phase, the electrolyser will be 30-50MW in size, but is designed to be able to scale to over 500 MW, in line with emerging demand.

The development will allow British Steel to explore innovative technology options that could support the implementation of its Low-Carbon Roadmap and ambition to deliver net zero steel by 2050.

Detailed plans for Tees Green Hydrogen will be released later this year, with a consultation on the 49.9 MW Tees solar development taking place later this month.

Thyssenkrupp selects Agfa’s ZIRFON membrane technology

Thyssenkrupp nucera has selected Agfa’s ZIRFON separator membrane for advanced alkaline electrolysis in large-scale projects for the production of green hydrogen.

Thyssenkrupp nucera has signed a purchase contract with Agfa for the supply of a significant volume of Agfa’s ZIRFON separator membranes to be used in large-scale hydrogen projects.

In turn, a study by the Fraunhofer Institute stated that alkaline electrolysis using Agfa’s ZIRFON membranes is the most cost efficient technology for the production of hydrogen.

Pascal Juery, CEO of the Agfa-Gevaert Group, said, “We are delighted about Thyssenkrupp nucera’s decision to use our ZIRFON membrane in their ambitious green hydrogen projects.”

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