Dynapower to support world’s largest green hydrogen storage project

Dynapower, a Sensata Technologies company and a global leader in power conversion and energy storage solutions, announced that it has been selected to provide 220 megawatts of IGBT chopper rectifiers to the Advanced Clean Energy Storage hub—powering the production of green hydrogen to accelerate the decarbonization of the Western United States.

Located in Delta, Utah, the Advanced Clean Energy Storage hub will be the world’s largest renewable energy storage facility. The hub will capture excess wind and solar energy and—with the help of Dynapower’s power conversion systems—convert it to green hydrogen using electrolysis and store it in underground salt caverns. The first two caverns at the hub will store up to 300-gigawatt hours of dispatchable clean energy and feed it back to the grid when it’s most needed.

Dynapower‘s high-power, highly reliable IGBT chopper technology was chosen for this project due to several key advantages, including a high power factor across the input range, compliance with IEEE 519 grid harmonics, a simplified and lower-cost transformer design, low DC ripple, and a rapid response to changes in power generation.

“We’re thrilled to support this project and expand the use of clean hydrogen to decarbonize the energy ecosystem,” said Adam M. Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer of Dynapower. “Our commitment to advancing a clean energy future is stronger than ever, and we’re honored to be able to contribute our expertise to a renewables project of this size and magnitude, paving the way for the future of green hydrogen power and a cleaner planet.”

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