dynaCERT to equip the City of Timmins HydraGEN

Both fuel reductions and emissions will be meticulously monitored with dynaCERT’s HydraLytica™ proprietary telematics technology and other accepted measurement methods.

dynaCERT Inc. is installing ten HydraGEN™ Units on a variety of diesel-powered vehicles for the City of Timmins in Ontario, Canada.

Timmins has committed to running a comprehensive pilot programme to determine the City’s economic, social, and governance (ESG) objectives. Deploying the benefits of dynaCERT’s Technology, designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon and NOx emissions while reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) footprint of diesel vehicles, will be closely monitored on vehicles employed by the City of Timmins.

Deployment of these innovative technologies commences in September 2022 on an initial selection of the Timmins Fleet to determine emission reductions and fuel savings specific to their current utilization. Buses, co-collection trucks, landfill equipment, and Public Works diesel-powered equipment will have HydraGEN™ Technology installed.

Timmins recognizes the immediate imperative of utilizing commercially available technologies to reduce its Carbon Footprint and welcomes the company’s patented HydraGEN™ Technology, which was granted the Smart Sustainable Company Rating in furtherance of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities Programme (U4SSC) of the United Nations.

Timmins is a City surrounded by a progressive mining and forestry community and distinguishes itself as being dynaCERT’s first City in Canada where the need for such GHG savings technologies requires the robust ability to function in Canada’s severe Northern climate on a year-round basis.

dynaCERT and the City of Timmins have agreed that, for such purposes, the pilot programme will run well into the Canadian winter months to ensure compliance with the City’s short-term and long-term GHG objectives.

Ken Krcel, Director of Public Works and Environmental Services for the City of Timmins, said, “The opportunity to collaborate with dynaCERT allows us to gather real-time data on how our diesel vehicles will perform in colder temperatures with the applied technology.”

Scott Tam, Manager of Environmental Services for the City of Timmins, stated, “As a member of the Partners for Climate Protection Program, the City of Timmins has developed a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan to reduce GHG emissions and this project will help reach our reduction goals.”

Jim Payne, President & CEO of dynaCERT, said, “Our proprietary and patented HydraGEN™ Technology is designed to reduce fuel consumption in internal combustion engines and reduce Carbon and NOx emissions, along with the proposed future benefits gained with dynaCERT Carbon Credits all of which is so important in providing a global solution to reduce pollution.”

Zohaib Ali

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