dynaCERT secures advances in the global mining industry

dynaCERT Inc. announcex that its dealer H2 Tek LP (H2 Tek) has provided the following update of sales of dynaCERT’s proprietary HydraGEN™ Technology to the global mining industry:

  • Nexa Resources, a large zinc miner, with 6 mines and 3 smelters in Brazil and Peru have purchased four (4) HG1s for Highway Transport Haul Trucks in Brazil and six (6) HG2 Units on three (3) trucks in Peru with double HG2s per vehicle for trials, which successfully demonstrated the benefits of the HydraGEN technology to the satisfaction of Nexa Resources.
  • Vale S.A., a large global producer of the critical mineral, Nickel, has purchased from H2 Tek four (4) HG6C HydraGEN™ Units for a single large diesel power generator to be installed at the remote iron ore mine site in Voisey’s Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador to be used on a 4.5-megawatt generator.
  • CODELCO – Corporación Nacional del Cobre, of Chile, the world’s largest copper producer, and H2 Tek have completed a successful pilot of two (2) HG6C HydraGEN™ Units on large Komatsu 930 haul trucks at the Codelco’s Division Ministro Hales (DMH) mine in Calama, Chile.
  • Arauco also known as Celulosa Arauco y Constitución , Chile, is the world’s first forestry company to certify it’s Carbon Neutrality. Arauco, a forestry, pulp and paper company, with operations in South America and North America, has purchased from H2Tek four (4) HG1 HydraGEN™ Units which are installed on four (4) lumber trucks.
  • Antamina, one of the 10 largest mines in the world, and the largest Peruvian producer of copper concentrate, has purchased from H2 Tek three (3) HG6C HydraGEN™ Units to be installed in large CAEX mining haul trucks.
  • Sigma Alimentos S.A., a Mexican multinational food processing and distribution company has purchased from H2 Tek six (6) HG2R Units to be installed on transport trucks.

Over the past two years, dynaCERT has received input from its dealers and customers and the larger HydraGEN™ Technology Units, the HG4C and HG6C, have been significantly modified and improved. The HG4C and HG6C Units are designed to meet the growing need and demand for improved fuel efficiency along with a significant reduction in GHG’s of resources companies, and achieve future carbon credits such as in mining, forestry and oil & gas.

Joao Araujo, Partner at H2 Tek, stated, “At H2 Tek, we are committed to helping our clients complete their projects in a safe, profitable, and environmentally sustainable manner. With a focus on mining, forestry, agriculture and power generation, we are pleased to support our clients in providing the products and infrastructure that people need while reducing the environmental footprint, fuel consumption and maintenance costs for all diesel equipment. The HydraGEN™ Technology of dynaCERT helps us meet our ESG goals and will contribute as a major step forward in reducing GHG’s.”

Ed Cordeiro, Director of Sales, Americas, of dynaCERT, stated, “As global diesel prices soar, dynaCERT continues to serve the mining sector in Canada and internationally, as well as the forestry industry and private sector users of internal combustion engines in the construction industry. Our products help users to achieve sustainability and reduce global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. I applaud the clients of H2 Tek for their vision and commitment to contributing to a greener planet by reducing emissions.”

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