dynaCERT and Cipher Neutron to unveil new electrolyser technology at the Edmonton

dynaCERT Inc. and Cipher Neutron Inc. are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention to be held in Alberta at the Edmonton Convention Centre, Canada.

At the Canadian Hydrogen Convention, Cipher Neutron will be unveiling to the public its first 5 kilowatt AEM Hydrogen Electrolyser stack which is capable of producing 1000 liters per hour of highly compressed and highly pure Green Hydrogen.

The Canadian Hydrogen Convention is the largest event in Canada showcasing hydrogen as a key enabler to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The Canadian Hydrogen Convention indicates that it will position Canada as a global hydrogen superpower. This event is expected to bring the Canadian supply chain together to discuss innovations and solutions for low-carbon hydrogen production, energy infrastructure, storage and the path forward as Canada works towards net zero emissions by 2050.

In addition, in the past few years, Cipher Neutron and dynaCERT have, collectively, through their ground-breaking innovative Research & Development efforts, developed Green AEM Electrolysers designed to offer Canadian companies, as well as international companies, a solution to generate high volume high capacity Green Hydrogen in pressurized form to be applied to big-scale Hydrogen projects, by producers of Green ammonia in the fertilizer industry, oil & gas industries, mining, smelting and chemical industries.

Gurjant Randhawa stated, “Cipher Neutron is a world-wide organization including business, finance, engineering, university and scientific professionals who are all dedicated and focused on large-scale Green Hydrogen projects internationally and across many industries, including global transportation, fertilizers, mining, oil and gas, smelters and chemical companies. Having achieved a very efficient 5 kilowatt AEM Green Hydrogen Electrolyser, we are now focused on developing larger and more efficient 50 kilowatt and 250 kilowatt electrolysers, innovative flow fields, membrane ink coatings and other advancements necessary to the economic viability of low capital cost and low operating costs of Green Hydrogen production. In addition, we have invented a reverse fuel cell that can operate as energy storage and deliver results, especially in smaller-scale applications, such as emergency power and remote location power, which is constantly needed throughout a world in crisis. We also feature a non-gaseous form of hydrogen storage using our patent pending graphene technology. Our distinctive leadership in new Green Hydrogen technologies is being recognized increasingly every day, globally, by numerous participants in the Green Hydrogen economy.”

Jean-Pierre Colin stated, “Scientific and engineering research and development are the necessary first stages to provide practical achievements that are enabling an exemplary world that is increasingly powered by Green Hydrogen. Cooperating together, as citizens of our global village, we mutually embrace the opportunity where zero-emission energy is not just the norm, but where energy costs are lower for everyone. At dynaCERT and Cipher Neutron, we are collaborating towards a much better future, where polluting grey hydrogen consumption can be reduced. Green Hydrogen is a realistic fundamental part of the solution to the vast collective global energy challenges. Canada, as well as many other nations throughout the entire globe, is also very blessed with plenty of potential Green electric power, a paradigm that encourages us to communally propose that our lofty strategic goals can certainly be reached during our own lifetime and create the solid springboard for many future Green generations. To further our objectives, we are also actively engaging with third parties focused on Green Hydrogen. We recognize that skilled teamwork is one key to furthering industry leadership and that judiciously sharing knowledge with world experts can be more powerful than working alone introspectively.”

Jim Payne stated, “Realizing the potential of Green hydrogen requires government, industry and researchers to work together. For twenty years, dynaCERT has been fostering the benefits of hydrogen. dynaCERT continues featuring our commercially available Hydrogen-on-Demand Alkaline Electrolysers to the global marketplace with its renowned HydraGEN™ Technology, which includes a line of models designed to reduce fuel consumption of diesel engines and significantly reduce Carbon Emissions and other GHG’s. dynaCERT continues working with VERRA and our associates to secure our premium data-driven Carbon Credits to be tracked and monitored by our HydraLytica™ Technology. We were also Canadian pioneers in launching successful research and development in Hydrogen high-volume, high-pressure, low-cost Green AEM Electrolysers. As a public company, we continue to remain very committed to low-carbon Green Hydrogen while becoming a Canadian world leader in the growing Green Hydrogen economy. This duty is beyond just good business, its ethical and extremely necessary for an energy-hungry world exceeding an exploding 8 Billion population.”

dynaCERT and Cipher Neutron believe that their technological achievements are the first and most significant battle victories in penetrating and displacing the significant and highly profitable international USD 500 Billon annual polluting grey hydrogen industry.

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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