Dutch companies partner to supply hydrogen to one of the first refuelling stations

Two Dutch companies have joined hands to supply hydrogen fuel to the capital first hydrogen refuelling station, H2 Bulletin reports.

Rijngas BV (the Netherlands-based company focusing on liquefied natural gas and a subsidiary of   Rheingas Group) has partnered with HyGear (the Netherlands hydrogen production and supply specialist) for supplying hydrogen to a hydrogen refuelling station in Amsterdam.

The new hydrogen refuelling station is one of the first in Amsterdam and the sixth in the country. According to the agreement, Rijngas will lead the transport process and will deliver the hydrogen through trailers from HyGear’s production site in Arnhem. The gas is then transferred to an on-site warehouse at the gas station. From Arnhem, hydrogen is offered in packages or pipe trailers filled with 200 or 300 bar. In some instances, it is also possible to fill individual bottles.

The hydrogen can be supplied in bundles and pipe trailers. In Arnhem, a Hy.GEN® reformer is an operation, which produces hydrogen from green gas with a steam-methane reforming (SMR). Rijngas sells this hydrogen in portable bundles.

On-site hydrogen supply by the Hy.GEN claims to increase the reliability of supply and decreases the costs. HyGear offers small scale on-site hydrogen generation systems ranging from 10 Nm3/h up to 1000 Nm3/h. This makes the reformer suitable to be installed at industrial sites and hydrogen filling stations.

Shabelah Kahn

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