Development of Green Hydrogen Industry in Vietnam

GIZ organizes the Green Hydrogen & Power-to-X training program to develop the green hydrogen industry in Vietnam.

German Development Cooperation GIZ is implementing the ESP Energy Support Program for Vietnam.

Within the framework of the program, GIZ organizes the Green Hydrogen & Power to X training program towards developing the green hydrogen industry in Vietnam.

The program aims to provide students with specialized knowledge about the green hydrogen industry, also known as Power to X (PtX), as well as policies and practical experiences to promote this industry in Vietnam.

Participating in the training course were 24 students, who are officials from state management agencies under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), and the Petro Vietnam (PVN), Institute of Energy, Hanoi University of Science and Technology as well as representatives from businesses operating in the energy sector.

The program is organized in a hybrid form, with the main lecturer being GS-TS Christoph Menke – professor of Energy Systems, Technology and Economics at Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The Green Hydrogen (PtX) industry and hydrogen-based synthetic fuel/raw material production technology play an important role in the energy transition, helping the world and Vietnam achieve the goal of zero carbon emissions (Net Zero) by 2050. Hydrogen serves as an energy carrier and efficient means of energy storage.

While grey hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels and is a source of carbon emissions into the environment, green hydrogen is produced through the electrolysis of water using renewable energy and is completely carbon-free. In addition, depending on the production technology and the source of the materials used, hydrogen will be specified in other colours such as yellow, blue, black and red.

Vietnam has introduced green hydrogen in the Draft Power Master Plan VIII. Accordingly, the Draft Power Master Plan VIII sets out the ambition to use Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia to produce electricity by partly mixing with natural gas or coal in gas-fired and coal-fired power plants in the future to reduce CO2 emissions.

In addition, green hydrogen will also be used to back up flexible coal-fired power plants, ensuring system reliability and redundancy for wind and solar power operations.

Zohaib Ali

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