DCC(TM) Hydrogen Boiler feasibility studies now span in 34 facilities

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. is pleased to report that potential demand for its breakthrough, zero-emission DCC™ hydrogen fueled boiler, developed by its wholly owned subsidiary, Hydrogen Technologies (“HT”), has increased significantly to date in 2022 as numerous multinational companies and organizations from a diverse range of industries are working with HT to explore the utilization of DCC™ clean steam generation at their facilities.

DCC™ boilers are now being considered for deployment at major facilities across the globe, with DCC™ feasibility studies being conducted or considered at 34 site locations across 7 industries and 5 continents. The industries with the most feasibility studies in progress or under review are Food & Beverage with 11, followed by Auto and Pharma, with 7 each.

Brian Williamson, CEO of JEV, said, “Leading climate conscious organizations are understanding that DCC™ clean steam generation offers a novel, immediate, cost-effective solution to reducing their operational emissions. We anticipate seeing some of our current feasibility study clients move to secure the DCC™ for deployment at their facilities in the coming months. Important to note is that our current roster of clients predates the recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which we expect to put green hydrogen at cost parity with grey and should only serve to strengthen our sales pipeline in the U.S. with major corporations.”

The DCC™ is the world’s only hydrogen boiler with zero CO2 and zero Greenhouse Gas emissions and has been validated as operating with an overall GHG-free fuel combustion efficiency of nearly 100% in recent independent testing by Process Engineering Associates, LLC, a specialized process engineering firm.

The DCC™ was designed to replace existing boilers that burn coal, natural gas, diesel, or fuel oil, which are estimated to account for over 20% of all global greenhouse gasses emitted each year.³

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