Current Water Technologies signs agreement with Separtis Technologies Global

Current Water Technologies Inc., an emerging technology leader in the management of industrial and municipal wastewater and drinking water resources, announced today that the Company has executed a binding Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Separtis Technologies Global Pte Ltd of Singapore.

CWTI’s CEO, Dr. Gene Shelp said that, “Separtis and CWTI have embarked upon an ambitious schedule to establish a 50/50 joint venture company for global sales and marketing activities focused on the water treatment and green hydrogen sectors by the end of Q1, 2023.

We believe that a unique and timely business opportunity exist to integrate leading-edge technologies with global market opportunities, strategic government climate and energy initiatives, aligned society and corporate interests, and funding specifically targeting ‘ESG’ (Environmental, Social, Governance) projects. The parties expect to execute Definitive Sales and Marketing and IP Transfer Agreements in February 2023.”

Current Water Technologies Inc. shall grant the Joint Venture an exclusive license to sell and market the Company’s extensive portfolio of patented, patent-pending and proprietary innovative electrochemical water treatment and green hydrogen and lithium recovery technologies.

A near-term priority will be to actualize CWTI’s vision of converting costly wastewater treatment facilities into profit centers. The ammonia in municipal and industrial waste waters will be converted into valuable environmentally responsible products such as high purity, fuel cell-grade green hydrogen gas, environmentally friendly nitrogen gas, and a valuable disinfectant. This should establish the utility of the AmmEL-H2 green hydrogen technology in generating local/regional energy storage centers/hubs − vital components in the future electrical grid.

At the “We Don’t Have Time’s COP27 Climate Hub” held in Egypt, in November, 2022, the AmmEL-H2 Green Hydrogen technology was introduced to the global environmentally-focused community. The phrase “Green HY-way” was coined to describe our approach for linking the reduction of nitrogen pollution from wastewater treatment in population clusters along major transport routes, to the production of green energy. A network of strategically placed, somewhat limitless valuable waste water resources, would ensure that hydrogen is produced where it is needed and consequently replace the current model of geographically centralized and expensive, conventional large electrolyser hubs. Conventional hydrogen production facilities characteristically require a reliable source of expensive high purity fresh water and are expected to generate high greenhouse gas emissions related to the trucking of hydrogen long distances to service national and global demands.

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