Cummins to supply 2000 hydrogen fuel cell trucks to Air Products

Both partners will combine their expertise to speed up the development and deployment of hydrogen fuel cell trucks

Air Products (a global supplier and transporter of hydrogen) and Cummins Inc. (a global power and hydrogen technologies provider) have agreed to join forces for accelerating the integration of hydrogen fuel cell trucks in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Cummins will offer hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrains integrated into selected OEM partners’ heavy-duty trucks for Air Products as Air Products starts converting its global fleet of distribution vehicles to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Air Products plans to convert its global fleet of around 2,000 trucks to hydrogen fuel cell zero-emission vehicles, following the demonstration stage starting in 2022. Both partners will work together to support the accessibility of renewable hydrogen, including hydrogen infrastructure opportunities.

Seifi Ghasemi, Air Products chairman, said, “We believe hydrogen is the future for heavy-duty segments of the transportation market, and we can demonstrate to the world its merits by being a first-mover in transitioning our heavy-duty fleet of trucks to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. We are pleased to be working with Cummins to achieve our fleet transition goals.”

Tom Linebarger, chairman at Cummins, said, “As we develop the technologies of tomorrow, we need the partnership of others to be successful, and this partnership with Air Products is the next step in leading the industry on the path to a zero-emissions future.”

Eric Guter, Air Products’ VP for hydrogen for mobility solutions, said, “Only hydrogen fuel cell vehicles can provide the necessary range, refuelling time, and weight requirements to decarbonise this important transportation sector.”

Amy Davis, VP at Cummins, said, “We are thrilled to work with Air Products to take this important step towards transitioning thousands of their trucks to zero-emissions, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.”

Shahkar Ali

Shahkar is the regional representative for Asia covering the hydrogen industry for H2 Bulletin. Please click on the email icon to contact him directly via email or follow him on social media.
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