CPH2 signs agreement with Fabrum Solutions

CPH2 has executed a development agreement with New Zealand based Fabrum Solutions Ltd for the purposes of the technical development of the Company’s MFE

Under the terms of the Development Agreement Fabrum will work with CPH2, and its existing industry partner Kenera Energy Solutions (“Kenera”), to provide engineering expertise in support of design reviews, systems documentation and safety cases.

Fabrum is the result of the merger between Fabrum Solutions and AFCryo, the Company’s supplier of the cryogenic systems since 2020.

Fabrum will further provide technical support to accelerate the final development of the CPH2 technology, including subsystem development of the cryogenic gas separation and full system development. This development support will be focused on the safe and efficient operation of the cryogenic gas separation system at a 1MW scale and at the expanded operation level up to a nominal 2MW scale.

Finally, whilst CPH2 undertakes the process of identifying and appointing a Chief Technical Officer, Fabrum will supply CPH2 with the expertise of their current Technical Director, Hugh Reynolds, who will assist on a part-time basis in the role of Acting Chief Technical Officer for CPH2.

The Development Agreement compliments the existing arrangements with Kenera. Following the execution of the Development Agreement the teams at CPH2, Fabrum and Kenera will work alongside each other to accelerate the development and production of the MFE220 units.

In addition, the Company has executed a deed of variation to its existing supply agreement with Fabrum to allow it to purchase DPWG Cryocoolers for embedding in its MFE products on an exclusive basis. The excusive supply agreement is subject to various minimum order quantities being met in each year of its initial five year term from the date of execution. Under the terms of the revised supply agreement, Fabrum is also required to meet performance and price criteria.

The revised supply agreement with Fabrum strengthens the Company’s supply chain security over a key component of the MFE as well as enhancing the commercial alignment between Fabrum and CPH2.

Jon Duffy, Chief Executive Officer of CPH2, commented: “I am delighted we are deepening our working relationship with Fabrum, the world leaders in cryogenic systems and hydrogen liquefaction. The collaboration between CPH2, Fabrum and Kenera, a global provider of innovative customer-centric solutions, will ensure that we can utilise the broad expertise of all parties in the production of the MFE220. The agreements with Fabrum will lead to an acceleration to market of our MFE electrolysers and we look forward to working with Hugh Reynolds and his team  and collaborating to benefit all parties.”

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