CMIC delivers hydrogen compressor package

The delivery marks the official entry of CMIC Yiho into the hydrogen refueling station equipment business.

CMIC Yiho Hydrogen Energy (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and CMIC Green Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMIC, held a delivery ceremony for two sets of 1000kg and 500kg packaged diaphragm hydrogen compressors.

CMIC Yiho was established in Shenzhen in December 2021 by GHT, Shenzhen Yiho Holding Corporation, Ltd. and BESTPATH (Shanghai) IoT Technology Ltd. Its main business includes the manufacturing of core equipment for hydrogen refuelling stations.

The two sets of hydrogen compressors organized to be packaged by GHT this time, using the American PDC diaphragm compressor head, can meet the 45MPa filling pressure, and their daily hydrogenation capacity reaches 1000kg and 500kg. The products will be used in the hydrogen refuelling station project of CMIC Yiho’s potential customers.

This product delivery marks the official entry of CMIC Yiho into the hydrogen refuelling station equipment business. GHT will give full play to its advantages in high-end equipment manufacturing and work with CMIC Yiho to further expand the variety and scale of supporting equipment of hydrogen refuelling stations, as well as the manufacturing and complete supply capacity.

Hydrogen refuelling stations, mainly used in the transportation sector, serve as essential facilities in various hydrogen energy application scenarios and play an important role as a link between upstream hydrogen production and downstream applications.

By the end of June 2022, a cumulative number of 270 hydrogen refuelling stations had been built in the PRC. It is predicted that by 2025, the number of hydrogen refuelling stations will reach 1,000 in the PRC, and it will grow to over 5,000 by 2035.

Under the new policy of “dual carbon” goal, many fuel cell vehicle companies have strengthened and accelerated their expansion, and local governments have also become more active in assisting the development of hydrogen energy industrialization and the implementation of projects.

The number of new fuel cell vehicles is expected to reach 8,000 to 10,000 throughout the year of 2022. The rapid growth in the number of fuel cell vehicles will further boost the development of the hydrogen refuelling station industry, which is expected to see a moderately advanced construction of hydrogen refuelling stations.

Zohaib Ali

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