CleanCarbon launches CARBO Token

The CARBO token offers various utilities collected in CleanCarbons' platform for users' convenience.

CleanCarbon is applying its facility’s newly patented state-of-the-art UHTG (ultra-high-temperature-gasification) process.

The technology offers a new standard of efficiency, low cost, and sophistication in waste management and energy recovery. The produced energy is 100% renewable, and there are no carbon emissions. This process is highly efficient in providing maximum waste utilization.

CleanCarbons’ top-notch technology converts waste into syngas, hydrogen, heat and electricity, chemicals, and liquid fuels.

Payment methods between the company’s contractors and interactions with the smart contract are included. The token provides two forms of passive income in BUSD and its native token.

The CARBO token has a deflationary design and multiple built-in reward mechanisms. The total supply of CARBO is 500,000,000. No additional tokens can ever be created and added to the circulation.

The team has locked its tokens for 25 months, with 4% of the locked CARBOs being released monthly. Marketing tokens are partially locked and will be used to promote CARBO.

CARBO tokens purchased during the presale do have a vesting period. A limit of four thousand (CARBO tokens per day will be released to every holder, counting from the day the company launches its token on PancakeSwap on Sunday, the 12th of June.

CleanCarbon has incorporated multiple incentive mechanisms to ensure the growth of the project and attractive bonuses to the holders. The reward mechanism functions through a 5% buy and 5% sell fee from every transaction on PancakeSwap. Investors receive daily rewards in BUSD and reflections in its native token, CARBO.

Part of the 5% sell fee on the decentralized exchange will increase the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. In addition, regular buybacks and burning events will ensure price stability.

CleanCarbons facility and operations will provide the project and its investors with interesting revenue streams like the production and use of hydrogen. CleanCarbons syngas, which is rich in green hydrogen, is in high demand all over the globe. Both products will provide a constant and reliable stream of revenues for the project to fulfill its expansionary plans from acting local to going global.

Waste disposal for local governments and enterprises is advantageous as these entities will compensate for utilizing their unwanted waste products. This agreement avoids shipping waste overseas to some foreign destinations, primarily third-world countries.

Hydrogen production within the process is another exciting and sustainable use case in CleanCarbon’s business model. In addition, CleanCarbon is in talks with Toyota about the profitable usage of hydrogen in cars in a holiday destination like Fuerteventura.

CleanCarbon Solutions SL has set up its operational headquarter in Fuerteventura, Spain. The strategic part of the company (CleanCarbon FZCO) is registered and funded with an initial capital of $200,000 in Dubai’s Digital Silicon Oasis Zone.

Zohaib Ali

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