Clean Energy Holdings, ING Americas, and Equix to work on green hydrogen project in Texas

This project is a strategic priority for the Alliance to showcase its turnkey design, long term operations and production guarantees.

ING Americas has been engaged by Clean Energy Holdings, LLC (CEH) as its financial advisor in respect of the financing of projects by the Renewable Energy and Technology Alliance being assembled by CEH.

ING brings multiple areas of expertise to CEH’s Platform and projects including advisory services and leading the capital raising requirements for the project.

Equix Inc., a well-established and highly respected infrastructure firm, is also joining the Alliance bringing industry-leading execution experience including Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) in both renewable energy and hydrogen facilities. Bair Energy, LLC (BE) joins the Alliance as the Program Management Construction Management (PMCM) and serves as the Alliance Representative for the CEH Platform. The Alliance is working with an experienced commodities group to market and lead offtake negotiations for its projects.

ING will take the lead in securing project financing for CEH’s 250 MW Clear Fork, TX renewable energy supplied green hydrogen and liquefaction project. As one of the largest and leading green hydrogen developments in North America, the project has a baseline schedule slated to enter commercial operations in the third quarter of 2024. The project is expected to produce a levelized average of 30,000 kg/day of liquefied green hydrogen. The CEH Platform is designed to attract leading edge and emerging technologies to integrate into our projects for validation and certification.

CEO of Clean Energy Holdings, Nicholas Bair, said, “We have assembled a group of industry leaders as well as local and state governments to navigate through the potential challenges as we deliver our projects from concept to delivery and provide turnkey projects with a complete basis for design.”

CEH President, Cornelius Fitzgerald, commented, “These early, large-scale, projects will help define the green hydrogen industry in North America. Our Alliance partners and advisors have been carefully selected as both best-in-class for their respective roles and dedication to make these projects a success.”

Candice McGuire, Chair of Bair Energy, added, “Flawless project delivery is the focus of the CEH Platform and the Alliance to lead the nation in energy security.”

Zohaib Ali

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