Chile’s UCSC to build a green hydrogen production plant

Ucsc aims to become a reference for green hydrogen and industrial applications at national and local levels.

Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (Ucsc), a university in Chile, has been awarded CL$ 643 million (US$ 0.853 million) of FNDR fund to build green hydrogen production and study plant.

The Regional Government approves the funding for the building of the green hydrogen plant for industrial applications in the Biobío Region of UCSC, a pioneering initiative in the southern macrozone.

The project aims to link academia and industry and generating solutions for environmental issues by studying the production and applications of green hydrogen in Chile. The project will also study photovoltaic panels and wind generators, which will be used to produce green hydrogen, and end-user applications such as fuel cell electric vehicles.

The project will pilot different technologies and be one of the most important projects in energy and sustainable development for the institution. The project is expected to open new research and application opportunities for green hydrogen in the Biobío Region and gain valuable information, especially for the industrial sector.

Dr Ricardo Lizana Ucsc, academic and researcher, said, “This project will generate a very significant impact in the region and will create human capital development in applications related to hydrogen.”

He further added that through this initiative, we would be a reference at the national level, being a spearhead to open new applications, technology and linkage.

Dr Antonio Brante, the Vice-Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies at UCSC, said that the funding is a significant milestone for the university and the Biobío Region.

Andre Nascimento

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