Chemours plans $200 million investment to suport hydrogen solutions

This planned new investment will further support the growth of Chemours’ partners, and the overall Hydrogen Economy.

The Chemours Company announced a planned $200 million investment to increase capacity and advance technology for its industry-leading Nafion™ ion exchange materials to support the hydrogen economy.

Investment in Nafion™ membranes and dispersions will enable clean energy generation and storage in applications ranging from large-scale power systems to the automobiles of the future.

The investment will focus on the Nafion™ ion exchange materials technology platform, whose chemical properties can help generate clean hydrogen from water electrolysis enabling the Hydrogen Economy.

Nafion™ proton exchange membranes are used in fuel cells to convert hydrogen to power instantly, making fleets of zero-emission fuel cell-powered trucks, buses, trains, and cars a reality. And Nafion™ ion exchange materials enable flow batteries to store excess renewable energy and convert it back to electricity, helping to solve the challenge of renewable power intermittency.

Chemours’ investment will support growing market demand for clean hydrogen generation using water electrolyzers, energy storage in flow batteries, and hydrogen conversion to power fuel cell vehicles of the future.

Chemours is evaluating potential locations in the United States and Europe for investment under applicable regulatory frameworks and is particularly interested in supporting the local communities where they operate.

Denise Dignam, President at Chemours, said, “Our Nafion™ membrane technology is the heart of hydrogen power generation, storage, and use.”

Zohaib Ali

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