Chariot, Total Eren on Nour Project in Mauritania

The consortium will seek to progress on the in-depth feasibility study and offtake for the green hydrogen.

Chariot Limited and Total Eren will launch feasibility studies to co-develop the Nour Project, a large-scale green hydrogen project located in Mauritania.

The project is equally owned (50%/50%) between Chariot and Total Eren. The consortium will benefit from the dedicated expertise of Total Eren’s teams, holding a wide range of experience and knowledge in global solar, wind, hybrid and green hydrogen projects.

Mauritania has proved to be exceptionally well-placed to implement Power-to-X solutions, providing Nour Project with the possibility to produce among the most competitive green hydrogen in the world.

With a potential reaching up to 10 GW of electrolysis to be installed, it could become, once fully implemented, one of the most significant green hydrogen projects in Africa.

Through the Nour Project, the consortium will contribute to sustainable economic development in Mauritania, including potentially providing baseload power to the national grid, diversifying industrial activities, promoting job creation and developing local infrastructure. It will also provide a cost-effective, transportable energy solution to replace CO2-emitting fuels for exportation to the European market.

Fabienne Demol, EVP at Total Eren, said, “We believe that green hydrogen is going to be an essential part of the energy mix in the future, and we are delighted to enter into this new partnership on a continent where our strategic shareholder, TotalEnergies, holds a strong footprint.”

Adonis Pouroulis, Chariot’s CEO, said, “We look forward to working together on this highly important green hydrogen development in Mauritania. Having a partner of such calibre, who shares our vision and focus for the future, is a key part of developing this valuable asset and marks an important step forward in Project Nour’s evolution.”

Zohaib Ali

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