CHARBONE HYDROGEN to join the Midwest Alliance for Clean Hydrogen

CHARBONE HYDROGEN Corporation announced the execution, as of November 30, 2022, through its fully owned subsidiary, CHARBONE Corporation USA, of a Teaming Agreement with the Midwest Alliance For Clean Hydrogen, LLC (MachH2).

Pursuant to this Agreement, CHARBONE USA joins a coalition of public and private entities representing every phase in the hydrogen value chain, including a cross-section of carbon-free energy producers, clean energy developers, hydrogen technology providers, utilities, major manufacturers, laboratories and leading hydrogen technology development and deployment institutions, world-class universities, and groups focused on environmental justice.

Following MachH2’s submission of a concept paper on November 6, 2022, MachH2 will submit a hydrogen hub proposal (the “Proposal”) to the United States Department of Energy (the “DOE”) in response to a competitive solicitation to award hydrogen hubs funded under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act intended to catalyze investment in a clean hydrogen network to decarbonize multiple sectors of the economy.

Charbone closed, in December, the acquisition of the Wolf River Hydro LP, the Shawano hydropower plant in Wisconsin and will continue negociating the Purchase and Sales Agreement to acquire the three remaining plants from Northwoods Hydropower in Michigan in part to use the excess of power to produce green hydrogen in those two states.

“We are pleased to join the MachH2 Team with many great companies and leaders in the development of a proposal for a Clean Hydrogen Hub in the U.S. Midwest,” said Dave B. Gagnon, Chairman and CEO of CHARBONE “CHARBONE will continue to develop green hydrogen small-scale, modular and expandable regional hubs throughout USA and Canada and be a leading company to build the ecosystem around our facilities and participate in one of the winning bids”.

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