CarbonMeta Research and KAUST to process methane into hydrogen

Licensing the patent from KAUST is the first step to commercialising the technology.

CarbonMeta Research Ltd has signed a patent license agreement with King Abdul University of Science and Technology (KAUST) for methane catalytic decomposition to produce hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon products affordably and without CO2 pollutants.

By signing this agreement with KAUST, CarbonMeta Research Ltd. plans to work cooperatively with the organisation to commercialise methane catalysis for producing clean hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon products using custom-designed microwave reactors. This process complements the plastics microwave catalysis technology that CarbonMeta Research Ltd. is commercialising with the University of Oxford.

CarbonMeta Research Ltd. is also investigating potential joint-venture partnerships with natural gas exploration and production companies that have an interest in producing hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon products from natural gas cost-effectively and without CO2 by-products

Sean Flanigan, Director of Technology Transfer Office from KAUST Innovation, said, “We look forward to working with CarbonMeta Research to commercialise our microwave catalysis process and catalyst technologies to deliver clean hydrogen fuel and high-value carbon products from methane and liquid natural gas.”

Mohammed Khalil, MD of CarbonMeta Research UK, said, “We believe that this microwave catalysis technology has the potential to deliver low-cost hydrogen through joint venture partnerships with natural gas production companies as well as biowaste companies that produce methane.”

Zohaib Ali

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