Capstone Green Energy to supply hydrogen enabled microturbines to California

The microturbines will be fueled by natural gas capable of running on a 30% hydrogen blend.

Capstone Green Energy Corporation announced that Cal Microturbine secured six orders for C65 microturbines throughout the state of California.

The 16 C65 units will be installed for customers in the agriculture, oil and gas, and hospitality industries. The systems are expected to be commissioned in early 2023.

In all cases, Capstone’s microturbine technology was selected for its ability to reduce energy costs while providing reliable, low emissions power. The microturbines will be fueled by natural gas but are capable of running on a 30% hydrogen blend, when customers have access to such fuel blends in the future. The systems will be configured for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for the hospitality application, allowing the site to capture waste heat from the units to provide cost-effective heating for various on-site applications.

Cal Microturbine CEO, Ryan Brown said, “Providing clean, reliable, and low-cost power to our clients is the foundation behind Cal Microturbine’s model. We believe that Capstone microturbines have the perfect anatomical structure to protect companies from the increased cost of power, grid unreliability and help propel businesses forward in their pursuit to operate greener. This basket of projects in various industries underscores that California’s energy market agrees.”

Darren Jamison, Chief Executive Officer of Capstone Green Energy, said, “We continue to draw on our long history of advanced engineering to be a cutting-edge provider of clean energy solutions and technology through our multiple product lines, each helping different types of customers in California and around the world to meet their energy needs while boosting the reliability of their energy supply, improving predictability of energy costs and lowering their carbon footprint.”

Zohaib Ali

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