Calvera Hydrogen is manufacturing eight new hydrogen refuelling stations

Calvera Hydrogen has been chosen by leading hydrogen customers, both in Spain and Europe, to develop 8 new hydrogen refuelling stations and their associated hydrogen transport systems (tube trailers) in Spain and Europe.

Calvera Hydrogen is leading the entire process for the start-up and development of these projects, from design, hydrogen engineering, complete manufacturing, final testing, certifications and safety checks, as well as periodic maintenance. The 360º solution offered by Calvera Hydrogen makes the company a worldwide reference as it covers the entire value chain of this type of projects. All these hydrogen refueling stations are expected to start operating between 2023 and the first quarter of 2024.

Specifically, these 8 hydrogen refueling stations in which the Calvera Hydrogen team is working will have different capacities, thus adapting to the specific needs of each of its customers, from 200 to 1,600 kilos of hydrogen dispensed per day, which translates into the filling of 20-30 cars daily and 40-60 buses per day, for those of greater volume.

One of the critical points in the development of this type of equipment is the safety of both the installation and its workers and operators, an aspect that Calvera Hydrogen takes the utmost care in all the projects it develops. In this sense, the company is working on obtaining the ISO 45001 certification on “Occupational health and safety management systems”.

Rafael Calvera, President of Calvera Hydrogen, said: “the commissioning of these new projects is an operational milestone for the company as a result of the work and great effort carried out by the entire team, both in the development of products adapted to the specific needs of each customer and in the positioning of the company at national and international level.”

This new operational milestone for the company is part of its growth plan for the coming years, which aims to increase its production capacity through the expansion of the company’s facilities nationwide, the consolidation of its position as a leading company in the industry in the countries in which it already has a presence – continental Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States – and the opening up of new markets. To this end, the company has significantly increased its team of professionals in the last year and will close 2022 with more than 100 top-level professionals on its staff or with their immediate incorporation committed, of which more than 35 are engineers dedicated to the development and implementation of R&D&I projects.

The company expects to double this number of employees in the short term in order to meet the growth in demand for its products. The company plans to close the year 2022 with a record number of hydrogen refueling stations and tube trailers in production, which will be delivered to different first level clients in the different markets in which the company operates: Poland, France, UK and Spain. In addition to this forecast, a record pipeline of units in the final stages of negotiation will place Calvera Hydrogen as the first national manufacturer of this type of solutions, as well as the leader in Europe.

Jose Luis Fernández, CEO of Calvera Hydrogen stated: “the development of these projects is a source of great pride for all the company’s professionals and a sign of the growth and increase in Calvera Hydrogen’s capabilities. We will continue working with all our enthusiasm to continue developing projects that are beneficial for the environment and always adapted to the demands of the market and our clients.”

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