Barcelona receives first hydrogen bus

With the arrival of CaetanoBus at the TMB depot, the first commercial hydrogen station has also started operation.

The first of eight hydrogen-powered battery buses built by CaetanoBus has arrived at a metropolitan transport depot in Barcelona (TMB).

The H2 City Gold LHD model bus will follow the usual process of TMB fleet registrations before starting a test period without passengers. It will then enter commercial service on a regular line in 2022.

The 12 meters long standard bus has a lightweight three-door aluminium body. The hydrogen system incorporates the Toyota fuel cell, with 60 kW of rated power, and five type 4 hydrogen tanks with a total storage capacity of 37.5 kg of H2. The Siemens traction motor delivers a maximum power of 180 kW, and the Siemens ELFA 2 voltage inverter manages all the motor’s power. The hydrogen system is complemented by traction batteries, LTO type lithium-ion technology, with a total capacity of 44 kWh, where the energy is generated by the fuel cell and regenerative braking system.

Meanwhile, Iberdrola has started producing green hydrogen in the Zone, where these buses will soon operate. The bus will be supplied with green hydrogen (~20 kg/day) at the supply plant located in the Zona Franca industrial estate, near the depot where it will have the base. The station is promoted by TMB and owned by Iberdrola, supported through a grant from the Connecting Europe Facilities for Transport program of the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).

The launch of the Zona Franca hydrogen plant, which has been completed in less than a year, will create a green hydrogen hub in one of the most important industrial areas in the country.

The adoption of green hydrogen by TMB’s fleet is supported by the European JIVE 2 program to promote fuel cell and zero-emission vehicles co-financed by the European Union. The project is promoted with the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM) collaboration.

Laia Bonet , President of TMB, said, “We will be expanding the number of hydrogen buses in the coming years and, in general, our commitment to green energy. ”

García-Tola , Director at Iberdrola, commented, “Green hydrogen is the perfect complement to electrification for the global decarbonisation of the economy. ”

Patrícia Vasconcelos, CEO of CaetanoBus, added, “Having a Caetano bus included in TMB’s Strategic Plan is a source of pride for us that we can be present in a city ​​like Barcelona.”

Ethan Mandel

Ethan is the special correspondent for Europe covering the hydrogen industry for H2 Bulletin. Please click on the email icon to contact me via email or follow me on social media. I am reachable on Phone: 02081237815
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