Badenova and Terranets Bw bring hydrogen to Baden-Württemberg

To this end, the network operators badenova and terranets bw have launched the hydrogen project “RHYn Interco” together with the French gas infrastructure operator GRTgaz.

The aim of the project is to connect consumers in the Upper Rhine economic region with European and international production focuses. With a cross-border connection to the H2 backbone in France and the conversion of existing gas lines to hydrogen, the project partners are creating the conditions for a climate-neutral energy supply. The feasibility studies for the planned project are currently underway. The special feature of the cooperation project: With the University Hospital Freiburg and Cerdia Freiburg, there are already the first potential buyers for the hydrogen.

In order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality, alternative energy solutions are needed. Hydrogen, as an easily transportable and flexible energy source, will be an essential pillar of the energy system and will be used in industry in the future, as a fuel for vehicles and aircraft, and to generate electricity and heat. Connecting the Upper Rhine economic region to the emerging European hydrogen infrastructure in the French Grand Est is the common goal of badenova and terranets bw. This underlines their cooperation project “RHYn Interco”.

“Hydrogen is an essential building block to ensure a climate-neutral energy supply for Baden-Württemberg as a business location. With the construction of a hydrogen network, we are creating the conditions for phasing out coal and natural gas,” explains Katrin Flinspach.

“To advance the market ramp-up of hydrogen in the areas of generation, distribution and consumption in our region, it takes a united effort. As part of the trinational hydrogen initiative 3H₂, we want to make a contribution to this with our partners terranets bw and GRTgaz with the RHYn Interco project in the Freiburg region,” explains Heinz-Werner Hölscher.

The cross-border connection across the Rhine that will be created gives the project its name: “RHYn” is the abbreviation for R hine HY drug Network and “Interco” stands for Interconnection, which means “mutual connection”. From 2028, “RHYn Interco” will connect major customers in Baden-Württemberg with the Grand Est region in France. From 2035, the hydrogen network could be extended to the Offenburg area. The project partners are each responsible for the conversion or new construction of lines in their grid area. In preparation, the badenova subsidiary badenovaNETZE and terranets bw are currently conducting feasibility studies.

Reaching your goal in two stages: The “RHYn Interco” pilot project has two main stages. The first stage includes the construction of a new connection to France and the conversion of existing gas lines so that large customers such as the Freiburg University Hospital and Cerdia with their production sites in Freiburg could be connected to the first 100% hydrogen network in Baden-Württemberg from 2028.

In the second stage, by converting another section of the line to hydrogen, the H2 network can be expanded from Freiburg to the Offenburg area from 2035.

badenova and terranets bw bring hydrogen to Baden-Württemberg, the project ensures the connection to European and international H2 generation projects.

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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