Babcock & Wilcox and Chart Industries to collaborate on hydrogen innovation utilizing B&W’s BrightLoopTM Technology

Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Chart Industries, Inc. to collaborate on the further deployment of B&W’s BrightLoopTM hydrogen generation technology, utilizing Chart’s integrated hydrogen liquefaction and cryogenic carbon capture equipment and expertise.

Together, this solution provides economic generation of low-carbon hydrogen and supplies cost-effective, transportable forms of liquid hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

B&W and Chart will also work together to develop sales and marketing strategies for potential commercial hydrogen and carbon capture customers and projects.

“This collaboration agreement with Chart offers tremendous opportunity to further deploy B&W’s advanced BrightLoop technology,” said Kenneth Young, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, B&W. “Chart is recognized as an industry leader in liquefaction of CO2 and hydrogen, and their expertise will complement B&W’s proven chemical looping technology as we work together to identify new opportunities to grow our respective businesses.”

“Low-carbon intensity hydrogen is already playing a key role in the global effort to reduce emissions and combat climate change,” Young said. “We’re excited to use our technologies and expertise to help customers across the power and industrial markets achieve their greenhouse gas and emissions reduction targets.”

“We are excited to partner with B&W to accelerate further progress in the growing hydrogen economy, in particular, for bringing more efficient and scalable solutions,” said Jill Evanko, Chart’s CEO and President. “The combination of our respective companies’ hydrogen, CO2 and chemical technology expertise is expected to bring more innovative and cost-effective offerings to customers looking to low-carbon intensity hydrogen to help achieve their carbon emission reduction goals.”

B&W’s flexible BrightLoop technology – part of its ClimateBright™ suite of decarbonization and hydrogen technologies – is applicable to a wide range of feedstock, product outputs and applications for industries and utilities. The BrightLoop system is scalable and can convert a wide range of fuels, including natural gas, coal, petroleum coke (petcoke), methane, biomass, biogas, and other industrial process off-gases and materials into hydrogen, syngas and steam for power, process and heating while also isolating CO2 for storage or use.

Chart’s state-of-the-art, efficient hydrogen liquefaction process technology and equipment solutions allow for produced hydrogen gas to be more effectively stored and transported much longer distances as a dense liquid, using Chart storage tanks, trailers, ISO containers, and rail cars. Chart’s Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) cryogenic carbon capture (CCC) technology removes CO2 from flue gas and supplies liquid CO2 ready for transport via trailer or pipeline to storage or utilization. The refrigeration for both hydrogen liquefaction and CCC can be combined to decrease capital and operating costs.

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