Azolla Hydrogen commissions onsite hydrogen production unit

Azolla Hydrogen is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of the AZ225 Biodrome unit, which is now fully operational.

The unit has undergone rigorous testing and has performed exceedingly well. We would like to recognize the Alberta vendors and suppliers that made this happen, with a special thank you to the incredible team at Bilton Welding and Manufacturing.

Azolla’s Biodrome technology produces fuel-cell spec hydrogen onsite, ready for dispensing to customers. The AZ225 unit will be capable of producing 225kg of hydrogen per day utilizing a modest footprint of 424sq.ft. The unit combines Azolla Hydrogen’s Biodrome technology with a 400 Bar Neuman & Esser compressor creating a seamless and efficient system.

“We have enjoyed working with innovators like Azolla Hydrogen and continue to build on the global partnerships needed to achieve the ambitious climate goals set by our national strategies,” states Patrick McCalley, NEA’s Sales Manager for the H2 Economy, Americas.

“This is in alignment with our 2023 commercialization plan to offer additional production capacity and pressures to meet customer demand.” says Jared Sayers, CEO of Azolla Hydrogen. “The AZ225 Biodrome unit represents a major step forward in producing and delivering low-carbon hydrogen fuel. We look forward to working with our customers to bring this innovative solution to their businesses.”

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