Azerbaijan’s Minister speaks at the Green Hydrogen Summit

The Energy Minister Parviz Shahbazov spoke at the Green Hydrogen Summit within the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. In his speech, green hydrogen, which has an important role in the global transition to net zero emission economies, was evaluated as an energy tool that has no alternative in terms of ensuring energy and environmental safety.

Our country’s plans for the energy transition and hydrogen were brought to the attention in the context of sustainable energy for sustainable development. It was noted that it is Azerbaijan’s state policy to become a country of green growth with a clean environment by 2030: “The political will on green energy, the renewable energy potential of about 200GW and a reliable partnership environment allows Azerbaijan to become a supplier of renewable energy, including hydrogen, along with the realization of the energy transition. Cooperation with Masdar, ACWA Power, bp and Fortescue Future Industries on the development of a total of more than 22GW of capacities on green energy and hydrogen will contribute to the energy transition at the national and global levels.”

The Minister of Energy also shared his views on the future role of our country as Europe’s energy supplier. It was noted that Azerbaijan is a country that diversifies Europe’s energy supply with alternative sources. Our country is a potential source of renewable energy and hydrogen after oil and natural gas for Europe and one of its partners who will contribute to its plans for hydrogen: “The Southern Gas Corridor, which plays a strategic role in diversifying Europe’s gas supply, is currently considering the transportation of hydrogen along with increasing gas supplies. The production and export of hydrogen and green energy in general is an important component of our renewed strategic energy partnership with the European Union. Recently, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary and Romania signed a strategic partnership document providing for four-sided cooperation on renewable energy and hydrogen and the establishment of a green energy corridor with the participation of the president of the European Commission. In the coming years, with the export of 3GW of green energy and hydrogen through the Black Sea Submarine Cable, Azerbaijan will play an important role in ensuring Europe’s energy security with clean sources.”

The Summit discussed the expectations for the development of green hydrogen on a global scale, the changing dynamics in production costs against the background of the energy crisis and the necessary factors for the competitiveness of hydrogen production. In the context of global cooperation, investing in this area, the construction of extensive infrastructure and supply chains for the storage, transportation and end use of hydrogen were highlighted as important issues to be resolved.

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