Austrian company to develop LH2 cryogenic tank system for trucks

SAG will use its know-how in the cryo tank sector from LNG tank production to establish the LH2 tank business segment.

Storing hydrogen, especially in liquid form, poses several technical challenges. One of the biggest challenges is coping with the extremely low temperature of -250C at which liquid hydrogen must be stored.

Salzburg Aluminium Group (SAG) to use its expertise to develop the first truck cryo-tank system for liquid hydrogen (LH2).

SAG development process has already reached the advanced stage that prototyping is expected to start within a few months, followed by testing phases. Based on the results obtained, the LH2 cryo tank made by SAG will go into series production from 2027 and will make a valuable contribution to CO2 reduction in the transport sector.

The LH2 tank system prototype will be a double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel tank offering the highest possible hydrogen capacity in the existing installation space.

OEMs are keen in liquid hydrogen tanks solutions. The SAG cryo-tank will likely achieve around twice the range of gaseous hydrogen in the future. Trucks equipped with two liquid hydrogen tanks of maximum size registered in Europe should cover up to 1,000 km after a full tank, owing to the high energy density of the LH2.

Johannes Winklhofer, head of SAG’s R&D department, said, “The low space requirement of the LH2 tank systems which we have developed enables a high transport volume and causes an extremely low payload loss.”

CEO Karin Exner-Wöhrer commented, “Due to the EU legislation, which stipulates that car manufacturers must equip around 50” of the vehicles produced with zero-emission drives by 2030, there is great interest in a future-oriented storage solution for liquid hydrogen.”

SAG is a global player with a local footprint in nine countries with 1100 employees worldwide at 12 locations in Europe, Mexico, US and Canada. Founded in 1898, it is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria. It supplies products to truck and car manufacturers and OEMs in the rail and special vehicles sectors.

Ethan Mandel

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