Ambari to promote green hydrogen

It intends to raise further capital to invest in plants powered by green hydrogen.

Ambari Brands Inc. plans to manufacture its products, co-pack, and manufacture for other brands in plants powered by green hydrogen.

In the past, major retailers have demanded that products carried at their retail locations be produced in packaging considered clean from start to finish. Historically, this meant that products must be produced with materials deemed “sustainable” and 100% recyclable.

As a business firmly committed to ESG and sustainability, Ambari intends to be among the first companies to manufacture its skincare products in facilities powered by green hydrogen and eventually co-pack and manufacture products for other consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands in plants powered by green hydrogen.

Ambari is excited about the renewable, easily transported, and carbon-friendly power generated from green hydrogen. It is also actively seeking facilities that will enable it to pursue this new direction.

Nisha Grewal, President and CEO of Ambari, states, “We hope to one day be able to certify brands with our own 100% Clean Energy’ or ‘Produced by Green Hydrogen’ seal and our decision to transition our manufacturing to facilities powered only by green hydrogen is the first step in this journey.”

Zohaib Ali

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