Alkaline Fuel progresses through the development of hydrogen fuel cell

AFCP is focused on capitalising on that market shift to affordable, resilient, and renewable energy solutions for the masses.

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp. has successfully created a functioning bench test, single stack and system operation at working temperature.

The company is working towards commercialising of 4kW micro-combined heat and power (Micro-CHP) system.

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp is a company engaged in developing and producing alkaline fuel cell heat and power systems for residential, industrial, and commercial markets worldwide.

The company identified several key milestones toward developing and commercialising a fully functioning and integrated 4.4 kW Micro-CHP system. The system will be a crucial step in the creation of the company’s manufacturing capabilities and commercial offerings going forward.

The unit performed as expected, and the electrical output and thermal output were as per the company’s original calculations. The new unit demonstrated a consistent and continuous output and was able to be switched on and off, whilst retaining the values and output expected in the design specifications.

Frank Carnevale, CEO of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp, said, “We are very pleased that, despite strong challenges from covid-19 and supply chain, our teams in Belgium and the Czech Republic were able to achieve the first critical milestone in the development of our own hydrogen fuel cell, on time.”

Zohaib Ali

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