Advanced Hydrogen Power and Coates International have completed the first production quality hydrogen reactor

Coates International, Ltd. and Advanced Hydrogen Power, Ltd. have completed the development, design and engineering of their first production quality Hydrogen (H2) Reactor at their R&D headquarters.

The initial performance testing fully met the companies’ expectations.

This Coates production Hydrogen (H2) Reactor is suitable to be coupled with their 100 K.W., 150 K.W., 200 K.W. and 250 K.W CSRV® Electric Power Industrial Generator-Sets.  Operation of the Coates (H2) Reactor only consumes a little less than 1% of the power produced by the CSRV® Industrial Generator-Sets.

Performance testing to date has achieved all of our goals for this product.  Management is enthusiastic with the companies’ progress to achieve this milestone and planning for production operations is now underway.

Mr. George J. Coates comments: “We have been working six and seven days a week for many years and now we have succeeded with creating one of the most Advanced Green Hydrogen (H2) and CSRV® Technologies in the world.  No other company in the world has this green technology.  Many new patents will be filed with the US Patent Office and around the world.  We are now ready to start production operations.  We have received various offers of interest to establish production in other countries and locations.  However, management is considering all viable, available options.  Producing Electric Power from plain water or sea water is a major step forward in solving many global problems.  This is the ultimate green technology that will benefit all.”

Engr. Haseeb Ullah

Haseeb covers the global energy market for both conventional and modern energy resources. His expertise is on the global energy supply chain from generation to distribution and end-users. He has a Master degree in Engineering Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.
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